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Born in Uruguay in 1958. Living in Israel since 1973

• Artistic Medal course – "Basis" School of Sculpture – 2006
• Calligraphy course – "Basis" School of Sculpture – 2005
• Graphic Design and Web Design – "Ort" Diploma studies – 2001-2003
• Calligraphy workshop – Prof' Gurskas from Lithuania ,at "Basis" School of Sculpture 2001
• Workshops on children's' literature at Beit Ariela,Tel-Aviv – 1998-1999
• One year course in illustration – "Avni Institute" – 1998
• Active Workshop – Beit Berl College – 1987
• Talma Yalin School of Arts and the Art Teacher's Seminary in Ramat Hasharon

Solo exhibitions
"Mute Voices" - Gallery Twenty Four, Tel Aviv , 2006
"Figurative Calligraphy"- Hanita Contemporary Art Museum, Kibutz Hanita, 2007
"Sometimes in the Dark"- Tova Osman Art Gallery, Tel-Aviv, 2008
"Untitled", Daviv Yalin College, Jerusalem, 2011
"The Third". "Basis"-School for Sculptors, 2012

Selected Group exhibitions
• 2006 - "No Name",Haifa University
• 2007 - "Transparent children",Hanita Contemporary Art Museum,Kibbutz Hanita
• 2007 - "As the Potter in the Hands of Clay","Basiss'" School,Heichal Hatarbut,Petach Tikva
• 2007 - "Longing for Peace", outdoor installation at the Galil ,Israel
• 2008 - "Folden Art", Borey Gallery ,Sant Petersburg.
• 2009- "Horses and oxes", Korin Maman Museum, Ashdod
• 2009- 30 Celebration for Tova Osman Art Gallery, Artist's House, Tel-Aviv
2011-"Black and White"- Gebo Gallery, Tel-Aviv
2011- "Deep Focus"- Brick Lane Gallery, London.
2011- "One Language and Other Matters"- Basis School of Sculpture
2012- "Hagada"-Basis School of Sculpture and Painting
2012- GZ-GaleriaZero Fair-Basel, Switzerland
2012- "All black?", Tova Osman Art Gallery, Tel-Aviv

2011- Fundacion Valparaiso Residency

Cow Design Festival, Ukraine, 2007
Awarded on the Cow Poster category, for the graphic decision
Cow Design Festival, Ukraine, 2009
Awarded for Illustration category

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Nakliyat Yapanlar(non-registered)
Sweet website! Very cool images!! Awesome pictures, Great photographer, Thank you for sharing! Your dreams are so beautiful. your point of view is different from other people. Looking forward to checking out your pictures and page. Congratulations achievements.
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Tamara McKee(non-registered)
Best of all things to you on your journey.
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