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I photograph people - almost exclusively. I am interested in photographing people in two distinct states of being – when in the most public and in the most intimate places.

I like to photograph strangers that are usually not aware of my existence and if they are, it is usually too late for them to "prepare" for the shot. These people become iconic to me.

At the very other extreme, I use the camera to penetrate people's most intimate space. Through open dialog I try to learn who they are and gain access to what goes on in their head. I always hope that some of this translates to the final photograph.

In both cases I am interested in exploring truth and falsehood in photography. I look to create an alternate reality from "what was there", or at least to raise questions about it.


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1976-1980: Electronic Engineering, Tel-Aviv University 1996-1997: Executive MBA, Tel-Aviv University 2000- on-going: Self study in the areas of Art Critique, Photography, Photographic Theory and Philosophy 2007-2008: Photography and Advanced Photography at "Photo-Way" school of photography 2008- on going: Personal photography mentoring by Dafna Ichilov2011 - Musrara, school of Photography
2014-2015 - Post Graduate studies at Mamidrasha school of Art

Solo Exhibitions
July 2015 - "According to Accepted Conventions", video work as part of the graduate exhibition, Curator Sally Haftel Nave
June 2012, Gal-On Gallery, Curator Daniella Talmor

Group Exhibitions
September, 2008: Graduate Exhibition, Photo-Way school of photography, Tel-Aviv October, 2008: Web Exhibition for "Project-30" October, 2008: "Artishowk 2: Genesis", Curator Tamar Moshinsky March, 2009: "Kibbutz Galuyot South", Curator Israel Rabinowitz May 2009: "Group Exhibition", Curator Tamar Eloul September 2009: "Loving Art" (Tel-Aviv Art Festival) open studio September, 2009: "Connections", Curator Ron Yeshua September, 2009: "Boulevard Exhibitiion" by the city of Tel-Aviv, selected photograph November, 2009: "Alfred & Co" April, 2010: “Belongs/Does not belong”, curator Miri Krimolovsky May 2010: “Salon de Refuses”, curators Yael Ben-Shalom, Michal Rivlin June 2010: "Distance Keeper", curators Rivka Kave, Dina Levy August 2010: "Action Time", Yearot Menashe 2010 Festival, curator Hila SaliOctober 2010: "Sleep Paralysis", curators Uri Garon & Noa Cecila CohenDecember 2010 Finalist in “Celeste Prize, 2’nd Edition”, New York (3'rd Place)January 2011: "it's only the beginning" (Web Exhibition), curator Dorit PukachApril 2011: "Human Landscape", Artists House Tel Aviv, curator Daniella TalmorApril 2011: "Portrait of the Woman", Shoham, curator Rachel Ziv
2011: Salon in Jaffa, Curator Daniella Talmor
2012: Photographs in Hotel Rooms, Musrara, Curator Dafna Ichilov