Chelsea in Tel Aviv

Experience the vibrant southern Tel-Aviv Art scene

by visiting a unique semi-industrial building filled with active

contemporary Artists that are busy at work

and ready to open their doors


To arrange a group visit, please call Jay at  +972-54-6699154

or contact any of the Artists via their details bellow

Kibbutz Galuyot 45 is a semi industrial building in southern Tel Aviv. It has several high ceiling halls that have typically been used by small industry. In recent years, as the small industry started to move away from the city, the potential of the place was recognized by visual artists and they started to replace the workshops. In 2007 a group of Artists in the building decided to turn the building into a Place for Art that will "be on the map" as part of the cultural changes in the art scene - the development of alternative art spaces. The idea was to invite other artists, from various fields, to participate together with the resident artists in special art events in this very special building. Since 2007 several such events took place, artists opened their studios, exhibitions were set up, music events took place, and the visitors came in storms. There was an "Artists invite Artists" event in conjunction with the more commercially oriented "Fresh Paint" that took place right next door. Again the studios were opened, and hundreds of art-loving people came to participate in the happening. Kibbutz Galuyot 45 started to register in minds of art-lovers as a place for Art, a familiar participant in the art activities in Tel-Aviv.

Contact Details

Artist Website - אתר E-mail אימייל אמן
Arik Ventura   [email protected] אריק ונטורה
Carmela Weiss [email protected] כרמלה וייס
Dina Levy [email protected] דינה לוי
Dorit Barak [email protected] דורית ברק
Dorit Feldman [email protected] דורית פלדמן
Gila Ben Israel [email protected] גילה בן ישראל
Hagar Fletcher [email protected] הגר פלטשר
Jay L [email protected] ג'יי אל
Lucy Elkivity [email protected] לוסי אלקויטי
Nehama Burak [email protected] נחמה בורק
Orna Lutsky [email protected] אורנה לוצקי
Rivka Potchebutzky   [email protected] רבקה פוטשובוצקי