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Link to a video about the preparations for Nehama's latest exhibition, "Avoda Zara":

Nehama, holding a first degree in Arts and a second in Psychology, turned to art after a long career as a business executive and graduated the Basis School of Sculpture.
She uses a variety of materials in her work – wood, metal, bronze and polymers, and tends to combine ‘alienated’ materials like wood and stainless steel, bronze with plastics etc.
A common characteristic in her work is elaborating metal nets, the structure of which she unravels and distorts. Thus the industrial product is ‘re-engineered’ into an organic like material. The way in which the metal is unraveled into threads gives it a feather quality. Wings and winged objects are a light motive in her work.

Group exhibitions:
Me, You & Everybody Else – MOCA, Washington DC, April 2012
Curator: Lillianne Milgrom
FreshHarvestedArt – Studio 280, N.Y. March 2012
Curator: Javier Enfantes